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History of Park Langley Beckenham Kent

Until the early 20th century Park Langley was a landed estate, but in 1908 the Goodhart family sold approximately 700 acres to the Lewisham Company H.G. Taylor for a new housing development.

The philosophy behind this new estate was to provide spacious, laid out, individually designed detached houses in long curving roads and followed the principles of the Garden City Movement.  New ornamental trees were planted to complement the existing mature trees and a golf course was built around the old mansion, although the mansion burned down in 1913 and is now the site of Langley Park Girls School.

The aim was to move away from “the old order of things with street upon street of ugly houses, all of the same design” and to avoid “dwellers to become morbid owing to the deadly monotony and sameness of the outlook”.

“It is necessary to offer the public something beautiful, and to make a thing beautiful it is necessary to employ good artists, material and workmen”.

Today the estate, bounded by three roads, forms a natural triangle shape, part of which is situated in a Conservation Area.


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